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Finding specific locations of shops in malls, rooms in universities, or just anywhere in a spacious venue has always been a headache for me until Mapxus offers the best and simple indoor navigation solution. We believe by having Mapxus’ solution on ChargeSpot machines, we would be able to make life easier for both venue owners and visitors!
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Jess Cheng, Hong Kong CEO, CHARGESPOT
The growth of the team and the product at Mapxus are exceptional! Mapxus is definitely the go-to solution for indoor map and navigation. Not just because of the comprehensive SDK and API, but also the level of technical service that they can offer.
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Kevin Chan, CEO and Founder, GEOXPERT
Mapxus’s indoor positioning and navigation solution applies to our Smart City Project, which develops a mobile application to let the visually impaired know their location and surrounding conditions, and guide them to their destination. Their solution can promote the rights of the visually impaired so that they can travel the city independently by accurate navigation, and their staff recognize and dedicate themselves to this.
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Terry Wong, General Manager, Hong Kong Blind Union
We are excited to have partnered with Mapxus as sole distributor in Macau where opportunities are beyond imagination. Applications in both public and private sectors will indeed provide Macau a solid platform to its smart city development.
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Clara Lau, CEO, Innovmac, INNOVMAC
Mapxus and Master Concept partner together to bring true enlightening outdoor to indoor navigation experience to our customers. We’re honoured to have collaborated with Mapxus, who strives for revolutionary indoor mapping technology.
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Derek Chan, Director & Co-founder, Master Concept
When I first saw Mapxus product in live, I was astonished how the indoor navigation can work so smooth without any additional devices. Now Mapxus is truly the best indoor positioning solution I know in Hong Kong and Japan. We are proud to work with Mapxus on our integrated navigation solution of cars to car parks and navigation of people from car park to shops and restaurants.
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Vitaly Pentegov, CEO, Parkingbnb
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