How it works

Learn more on how we create a seamless and sustainable indoor mapping and navigation experience across multi-platforms.

Responsive, vector-based digital map

Comprised of a collection of geographic information, Mapxus digital map enables seamless integration with the GPS-powered outdoor map with WGS84 (World Geodetic System 1984). Bandwidth friendly and output in 2D vector tiles, our indoor map enables a smooth rendering and responsive user experience whether on a desktop, iOS or Android interface.

Supports a range of point of interest (POI) search and filtering parameters, customized data integration and map styles according to your brand preferences. Designed with accessibility in mind, Mapxus digital map supports dynamic multi-floor way finding for both pedestrians and wheelchair users.

Indoor positioning

Indoor positioning enables locating the user’s accurate indoor position in real-time, as well as point-to-point seamless navigation between indoor and outdoor areas. Contrary to conventional indoor positioning techniques that often require hardware installation and maintenance, Mapxus adapts a WiFi fingerprinting technique that enables a timely and sustainable delivery and upkeep of a point-to-point indoor navigation experience on any device.

Combining the data from sensors located in any mobile device, including accelerometer, gyroscope and compass barometer to name a few, this sensor fusion approach leverages existing WiFi data from all sources to achieve automated floor detection, as well as a “calibrate-as-you-go” walking survey to enable indoor positioning.

A user’s real-time position is estimated with an average accuracy of 3-5 metres, by identifying the signal intensity and patterns received from various access points within the indoor space. This technology does not require the user to connect to a WiFi network prior to indoor way finding, and enables tolerance to environmental disruption, such as store changes in a shopping mall, or modification to WiFi access points would cause minimal to zero impact on the positioning accuracy.

Immersive 360° map

Supercharged by 360° technology, Mapxus visual map facilitates an immersive user experience by displaying a panoramic perspective of an indoor space. AI-automated video analysis enables an integration of visual and digital maps through geospatial reconstruction as well as feature point detection and matching, presenting a seamless virtual navigation within an indoor environment in multiple perspectives.

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