Master Concept x Google Maps x Mapxus: Seamless Navigation from outdoors to indoors

October 19, 2022

Master Concept, in collaboration with Google and Mapxus, delivers Google's On-demand Rides & Deliveries solution ("ODRD") with first and last mile indoor navigation. The solution demonstrates the "Accessibility”, “Mobility” and “The seamless navigation from outdoor to indoor”.

This solution helps with the industry like delivery, transportation, retail and even the public sector. Under this collaboration, Master Concept integrates Mapxus indoor navigation SDK with Google's ODRD for a comprehensive trip experience to provide accurate driver’s arrival time, the fastest path or lowest cost of tolls, seamless in-app driver navigation, real-time status visualization, indoor real-time location, seamless indoor-outdoor navigation, and indoor way-finding. It values businesses to improve operational efficiency and enhance customer experience from ordering to arrival.

The extensive footprint and indoor map data coverage of Mapxus across the Asia-Pacific region maximize the benefits of creating a comprehensive user experience from an integrated ODRD solution.