Efficiency and sustainability to a city’s transport systems holds a future to urban mobility. Indoor way finding helps customers to feel informed of important transit information for transparency and a delightful experience.

Achieve data-driven operational excellence

Make data-driven decisions for day-to-day operations. Leverage indoor location analytics to help your riders plan their journey more efficiently, and gain a comprehensive and accurate understanding of travel patterns in the city.


Grow with your city ceaselessly. We help you achieve that by keeping indoor way finding smart, and simple. Our indoor mapping system requires zero hardware installation and maintenance, enabling a timely and inexpensive deployment and streamlined updates.

Empower the community

A transit experience goes beyond the transportation system. Our MaaS indoor mapping platform helps to connect the missing dots on a map. Bridges, tunnels, and properties from various owners — we help your riders get from point A to B by mapping out designated routes and possible barriers.

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