Everyone should be able to enjoy getting around the city barrier-free. By creating smarter, more inclusive and adaptable accessibility features that accommodate the needs of the elders and impaired, we strive to deliver seamless and intuitive way finding experiences and improve overall independency of living.

Higher spatial awareness

While braille signage and tactile maps are traditionally used to enhance users’ spatial awareness in proximity, our audio and text feature paints a vivid picture of the environment and provides alternative routes, allowing users to discover and explore nearby locations.

Accessible controls

We strive to support people in need by creating a more inclusive experience. Currently, we support accessibility controls that accommodates to vision impairment and physical disabilities.

Audio and text

Designed specifically with our users with all forms of vision impairment in mind, our audio and text feature helps to keep users informed in both outdoor and indoor venues, to navigate them with designated routes to their destination.

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