Our story

Smart and simple indoor mapping, for everyone.

An average person can spend up to 90% of their time in indoor environments. Yet, isn’t it radical that major location-oriented solutions in the market are still exclusive to outdoor environments?

A map is a product that touches all points of our lives. Not only does it help us get to one place from another, a map also helps us build and understand the world we exist in, no matter outdoors or indoors.

Mapxus is an all-rounded PropTech solutions partner in indoor mapping applications. We put people first, and we are dedicated to empowering people, businesses, and cities through creating a barrier-free and inclusive urban environment.

We help to fulfill smart mobility through closing the gap between digital maps and indoor environments, to revolutionize our interactions with the physical space, as well as to deliver a comfortable, intuitive, and seamless indoor-outdoor experience for everyone.

Let's navigate a smarter future, together.

At Mapxus, we have set out to empower growth by keeping indoor mapping smart and simple. We help businesses realize and maximize their full potential with what they already have — indoor location data.

While digitizing indoor venues has traditionally been considered too complex and costly for commercial use, our all-in-one indoor mapping solution is software-based, sustainable, and adaptable for a variety of applications.