Map once, deploy anywhere

Think of us as the building blocks to your products — a directory, an app, or a building management software. Our indoor mapping toolkit is built for your next location-oriented product with adaptability in mind.

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Digitize your indoor venue

Digitize your indoor environment to unlock the point of interest (POI) search experience with dynamic annotation added on customizable map layers. Our vector-based digital map is bandwidth- friendly and easy to access on the go, serving a functional purpose for customers and as indoor venue management.

Indoor way finding

WiFi fingerprinting has redefined and enabled an end-to-end indoor way finding experience, all without additional hardware setup. Available on various platforms and WiFi access point standards, our indoor positioning enables a seamless transition to global outdoor positioning (GPS) of users’ real-time location.

Explore in 360°

Similar to the street perspective of outdoor visual maps, our visual map enables an immersive 360° view to your indoor venue for a virtual navigation experience accessible on various devices, wherever you are. To build or maintain your visual map, simply upload a spherical photo or video from any 360° camera.

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