Apple Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF)

Mapxus is an industry leading indoor mapping technology platform that provides state-of-the-art indoor map services for global applications. Our vision is to create a smarter city together, by massively digitizing indoor spaces.

We strive to make indoor mapping simple and provide a city-wide indoor maps platform of high-quality digital maps, positioning, and visual map data. With our ready-to-use SDK, our partners can focus on value creation, accelerating their application development, thereby bringing greater value to their users.

Mapxus has been working on the Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF) since its beta in order to make indoor positioning and navigation possible in iOS apps.

To learn more about the Indoor Maps Program from Apple, please visit:

Mapxus Services

Draw your floor plans into digitalized format from any source format (CAD, image, etc), convert into IMDF and upload to Apple.

Activate iOS Indoor Positioning for any venues, not only shopping malls and airports, but we can also enable indoor positioning on campus, hospital, office or other private buildings.

Provide IMDF rendering APIs, wayfinding APIs and other map APIs for integrating maps and iOS positioning into your apps.

IMDF is used by Apple to provide Indoor Positioning support with Core Location. Indoor maps integrated with iOS indoor positioning can establish the foundation for a wide range of consumer and enterprise location-based apps and websites.

Benefits of activating iOS Indoor Positioning

Activating iOS Indoor Positioning and you will enjoy :

Native iOS support

Seamless transition between indoor and outdoor positioning.

Optimized battery consumption: the iOS Core Location service is optimized with iOS devices and minimizes the battery consumption during the positioning and navigation.

A network effect

As venue owner, once the iOS indoor positioning is activated in your venue, it can benefit for all apps developers working with the iOS platform.
On the app side, the coverage indoor positioning will keep expanding once any venues enable indoor positioning on iOS.

City-wide positioning service

iOS indoor positioning is designed to support city-wide apps. The service does not limit to a single venue, the indoor positioning service is optimized in a city-based level and even across cities.

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