Pasona Tech and Kawasaki Heavy Industries to provide "Indoor Location Information Solution"

February 1, 2022

This article was originally published on Pasona Tech News.

Pasona Tech and Kawasaki Heavy Industries will start to provide “Indoor Location Information Solution” from today. The solution aims to bring convenience to facility users and improve operation efficiency of workers by visualizing positions and movements of people and things inside buildings such as stations and airports.

From the perspective of improving living and working environment, it is predicted that the demand for location information services that identifies and collects positions of people and things indoors is increasing year by year. It is also expected that the market will grow to 1,170 billion yen in 2035*.

This solution combines Pasona Tech's strengths in software development with the indoor location information service "iPNT-K ™" that Kawasaki Heavy Industries is gradually deploying throughout Japan as an indoor positioning infrastructure. While reducing the initial costs such as installing beacons, the solution aims to propose optimal routes in stations, airports, commercial facilities, etc., to elderly people and people require mobility support such as wheelchair users. Also, it targets to improve work efficiency for employees working in factories and warehouses.

Taking this collaboration as an opportunity, Pasona Tech and Kawasaki aim to improve the quality of people's living and working environments and contribute to the creation of a prosperous society through the latest technology that utilizes knowledge and know-how of both companies.

*Source: Seed Planning Market Research & Consulting

Business Overview


1st February 2022 (Tuesday)


We provide a solution that combines Pasona Tech's strengths in software development and Kawasaki Heavy Industries' iPNT-K ™ indoor location information service, which is being rolled out throughout Japan as an indoor positioning infrastructure

Examples of solution
・ Barrier-free navigation that provides optimal routes for people require mobility support within stations and airports

・ Guidance service to evacuation routes that can be used in commercial facilities when emergency e.g. disaster occurs

・ Work efficiency support service that optimizes the flow of people and things in factories and warehouses


For reference

Please refer to the following for details of the indoor location information service "iPNT-K ™" provided by Kawasaki Heavy Industries.