How Mapxus Technology Can Help with Old Building Inspection and Management

February 20, 2023

In recent years, there has been an increasing focus on the importance of maintaining and preserving old buildings. This demand for inspection and maintenance has grown in light of the recent earthquake that struck Taiwan, where several old buildings collapsed and caused fatalities. The government has responded to this need by initiating new measures to ensure the safety of these structures.

In Taiwan, for example, the Government is planning how to create a platform that will make it easier to manage and maintain historical buildings. The platform in future will support inspectors and managers to easily access information about the buildings, including their history, structural characteristics, and maintenance needs.

So, how can Mapxus technology be used for old building inspection and management? Here are a few ways:

Indoor Mapping: Mapxus technology allows for accurate indoor mapping, indoor positioning and indoor navigation, which is especially useful in old buildings that may have complex layouts and structures. By creating a detailed map of the building's interior, inspectors and managers can easily navigate and identify areas that require attention.

Data Collection: The platform created by Mapxus will allow for easy collection and storage of data related to historical buildings. This data can include information about the building's history, structural characteristics, and maintenance needs, as well as photos and other relevant documents.

Analysis and Reporting: By collecting and storing data in one place, the platform will make it easier to analyze and report on the condition of historical buildings. Inspectors and managers can use the platform to identify areas that require maintenance or repair, as well as to track progress over time.

Collaboration: The platform will also allow for collaboration between inspectors, managers, and other stakeholders involved in the preservation of historical buildings. This can help ensure that everyone is on the same page and that maintenance and repair efforts are coordinated and effective.

In conclusion, the use of Mapxus technology, especially indoor mapping, positioning and navigation for old building inspection and management can help ensure the safety and preservation of historical buildings. By providing easy access to information, accurate indoor mapping, and data collection and analysis tools, the platform created will enable effective collaboration between stakeholders to maintain and preserve these important buildings for future generations.