Providing Indoor Location-Based Information Service “iPNT-K™”

July 9, 2021

This article was originally published on Kawasaki News.

The “HICity Smart City Expo 2021”*1 (organized by Haneda Mirai Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.) starts today at Haneda Innovation City, where a hands-on experience of the "Indoor Barrier-Free Navigation" service is being held.

The service has been developed by Pasona Tech Inc.*2and Kawasaki is providing iPNT-K, an indoor positioning service using ICT technology for this service.

The  iPNT-K was selected as one  of  the  projects for the "Business  Idea  Challenge"*3,  an internal competition held by Kawasaki, in collaboration with Mapxus*4. This was achieved by using technology that utilizes signals in the target space.

The technology uses signals from the target space, without the need for any special equipment, to enable positioning indoors where signals from the Global Positioning System (GPS) cannot reach.

With no need to build or maintain  a  positioning  infrastructure,  indoor location data is immediately available, helping customers to significantly reduce their location-based business development costs.

We aim to create a convenient, safe and secure society by providing a new business model for indoor location-based services.

*1) HICity Smart City Expo:

*2) Pasona Tech Homepage:

*3) Internal competition:“Business Idea Challenge”
It was launched in April 2020 with the aim of further accelerating open innovation activities and discovering and exploiting business ideas within the company.
In order to respond to the rapid changes in the market environment and customer needs, we invite a wide range of ideas that are not limited to existing products and businesses, and we will use the strengths of the applicants themselves and our company, as well as collaborating with other companies such as start-ups and major corporations where necessary, to create a diverse range of products and businesses.

*4) Mapxus Homepage: