Mapxus attended "Your Route to Success in JAPAN via HYOGO-Kobe"

December 1, 2022

It is our honour to join the seminar, “Your Route to Success in Japan via Hyogo-Kobe” at HKSTP. During the sharing session, we had the opportunity to share our insight about Mapxus’s expansion in Japan via HYOGO-Kobe through collaboration with large Japanese companies, presenting how our indoor mapping technology is applied in Japan and providing the most efficiency from our solution.

(From left to right)
Mr. Ocean Ng, Co-Founder & COO, Mapxus
Mr. HARUNA Ryuji, Senior Director, JR West Innovations
Mr. WAKABAYASHI Toshiaki, Deputy Director General, JETRO Hong Kong
Mr. FUKUOKA Atsuhito, Deputy Director-General, HYOGO-Kobe Investment Support Center
Mr. YAMAUCHI Takao, VP Business Consulting, Global Digital MOJO KK (Osaka)

About the seminar

This seminar shared the expanding opportunities in the Kansai region as well as the investment environment of HYOGO-Kobe, including speakers in person from both Hong Kong and Japan. By sharing thought-provoking experiences, audiences gained more inspiring insight into the route to success in Japan and explore the business opportunities in Kansai and what the “6 Bests” are that HYOGO-Kobe proudly offers to foreign companies.

About HYOGO-Kobe

Located in the heart of Japan, HYOGO-Kobe has developed into the center of the Kansai region with Osaka and Kyoto, which is the next key liaison after Tokyo between Japan and the world. As an example of a major future project, Osaka and the Kansai region will host the 2025 World Expo with the theme “Designing Future Society for Our Lives”. This will function as a venue of co-creation dedicated to contributing to the achievement of the U.N.’s SDGs. Moreover, redevelopment of the Sannomiya area surrounded by beautiful sea and mountains, which is the heart of HYOGO-Kobe, is now progressing toward envisioning a new form for the future, in cooperation and collaboration with JR West group. Since the fiscal year 2001, annually approximately 20 foreign/foreign-affiliated companies have utilized the “6 Bests” to establish businesses in HYOGO-Kobe.

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