Mapxus attends HKICT Awards 2020

November 10, 2020

Urban mobility is one of the fundamental pillars of smart city development. Despite the many challenges presented to us all this year, we continue to stand by our motto: "Make indoor mapping smart and simple”, to provide seamless indoor navigation services to everyone from all walks of life. With our range of indoor mapping solutions, Mapxus delivers innovative and solution-driven indoor mapping technology that enhances quality of life, as well as to help businesses create value through sustainability and smart mobility.

Contributing to the movement of creating a barrier-free and inclusive community, we continue to work alongside Hong Kong Blind Union on the “Smart City Walk” mobile application, caters specifically for the visually impaired and people with physical disabilities.

We want to thank OGCIO and GS1 Hong Kong for this amazing opportunity to allow us to promote public awareness for indoor navigation, as well as to all of our venues and working partners for your continuous trust and support.