Dr. Chan's Interview with RTHK about Indoor Mapping

April 5, 2023

Our CEO, Dr. Chan, recently had an interview with RTHK's reporter, Mr. Lo, where he discussed the difference between GPS and GIS, and how GIS adopt to our daily life. The interview is set to be broadcasted in 5 Apr 2023 from 12:30 to 13:00. Here, we will discuss some of the highlights from Dr. Chan's interview and how his company's technology can benefit the public.

The Difference Between GPS and GIS

In the interview, Dr. Chan explained the fundamental difference between GPS and GIS. GPS is a satellite-based navigation system that provides location and time information, while GIS is a computer-based system that captures, stores, analyzes, and manages geographic data. While GPS is useful for outdoor navigation, it has limitations when it comes to indoor navigation and indoor positioning. This is where our all-in-one indoor GIS platform comes into play. By utilizing Our wonderful technology, Wifi-fingerprinting positioning, we are able to provide accurate indoor navigation and location-based services with hardware-free and scalable solution.

Creating a Smart City

Dr. Chan emphasized our company's goal of creating a smart city. Smart cities are the future of urban living, and we rely heavily on technology to improve the quality of life for their citizens. One of the key technologies, WIfi-fingerprinting, used in creating an accurate indoor positioning and indoor navigation in order to build a smart city. Our all-in-one indoor GIS platform is a powerful tool that can help cities create a more connected, efficient, and sustainable environment for their citizens. Creating a smart city is a complex and challenging task, but our indoor mapping technology can make it much easier. and simpler. By providing real-time data on a wide range of factors, from public safety to energy efficiency to different industries, such as transportation, industrial and retail, our platform can help cities make more informed decisions and create a better environment for their citizens. More details can refer to our previous solutions, such as “Smart City Walk” and “MTR.Care”.

MTR.Care (left)
Smart City Walk (Right)

Benefits of Indoor GIS Platform

Our all-in-one GIS platform including indoor mapping, indoor positioning and indoor navigation which provides a range of benefits to its users. Firstly, it reduces finding time by providing the most efficient route to the destination. This is especially important in large buildings, such as hospitals, shopping malls, and airports. Secondly, the platform provides barrier-free navigation, allowing users with disabilities to navigate spaces more easily. This is an important step towards creating an inclusive society. Thirdly, the platform enhances the efficiency of facility management by allowing staff to easily locate equipment and resources. Finally, the platform can help prevent industrial accidents by providing real-time information about the location of personnel and equipment.

Dr. Chan's interview with RTHK's reporter, Mr. Lo, shed light on the difference between GPS and GIS and the benefits of utilizing Wifi-fingerprinting positioning for indoor navigation. Our company's indoor GIS platform has the potential to create smart cities by providing accurate indoor navigation and location-based services. By adopting barrier-free navigation in different apps, we are also able to improve the efficiency of facility management and prevent industrial accidents. Overall, Dr. Chan's interview showcased the importance of GIS technology and how it can benefit the public.