dhost and Mapxus - Exclusive Partnership to Redefine Smart Buildings in Asia

January 12, 2024

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration between dhost and Mapxus, marking a significant leap toward revolutionizing smart buildings in Asia. Under this exclusive partnership, dhost becomes the sole regional partner of Mapxus's cutting-edge indoor digital twin technology across key Asian markets, starting with Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Taiwan.

This strategic partnership brings together dhost's expertise as a leading in-building infrastructure Neutral Host Service Provider and Mapxus's cutting-edge indoor mapping and positioning technology. Our collective goal is to provide unprecedented smart building capabilities to venue operators and building owners, driving digital transformation initiatives that prioritize sustainability and deliver distinctive barrier-free digital experiences to users.


Through this collaboration, dhost and Mapxus will jointly develop applications that integrate indoor mapping technologies. These applications will offer building operators and venue owners innovative solutions, enhancing user experiences, connectivity, information sharing, and interactive engagements. More than just a business alignment, this partnership represents a pivotal move in reshaping smart building solutions across Asia.


For more details, please visit: https://www.prnewswire.com/in/news-releases/dhost-and-mapxus-forge-landmark-partnership-to-redefine-the-smart-building-landscape-in-asia-302033391.html


Join us on this transformative journey as we digitally revolutionize the landscape of the future, improving how people live, work, and interact. Stay tuned for more updates and innovations from this dynamic partnership!