CUHK Library integrated with Mapxus indoor mapping and positioning technology

March 3, 2023

The CUHK Library now offer an indoor map and positioning system provided by Mapxus, which greatly enhances the user experience. In Phase 1 of this integration, a web-based indoor map has been introduced, equipped with several features to assist users in navigating the library. The new map replaces traditional floor plans, allowing users to zoom in and rotate the map for easy access. It also has categorized Points of Interest (POIs), making it simple for users to locate specific sections of the library.

This integration offers easy updating and maintenance, ensuring that the indoor map will remain useful for years to come. Moreover, this technology has the potential to be extended to other connected applications such as a mobile app, and facility management app.

Overall, this indoor map and positioning system integration not only provides users with a better experience while navigating CUHK Library, but it also sets the foundation for future development and improvement of the library's technology.

To access the CUHK Library floor plan, please visit: