Your Indoor Locations Services

Digitize Your Indoor Space

Rapidly digitize your indoor space with our indoor map, positioning, and indoor panoramic visual map.

Empower Your Application

Unlock the full potential of your global application by our ready to use SDK.

Master Indoor Map Data

Publish your indoor map on every customer touch point and making sure they are latest and stay in sync. We provide seamless data conversion and update of indoor map data with Apple Indoor Map Data Formate (IMDF).

Key Benefits

City-based Indoor Data

Mapxus provide a seamless indoor-outdoor transition. Our indoor maps and indoor positioning service are precisely registered on the global geographic system to support a connected city-based solution.

Cross Platform, Cross Application

Building upon our SDKs, we offer a turn-key solution for you to implement advanced technology with ease. To accelerate your value creation and develop various application across Web, iOS, and Android.

Software-based, Infrastructure-free

We strive to make indoor mapping simple. Our technology enable us to provide software-based, infrastructure-free solutions, that do not require special equipment for indoor mapping.

Cost and Time Effective

Compare to traditional hardware-based indoor map solutions; we can implement our solution with a fraction of time and cost.

Global Indoor Map

Seamlessly integrate with the outdoor map by accurately registered on geo coordinate systems, e.g. WGS84.​

Vector-based, High Quality Map Rendering

Our vector-based indoor map is bandwidth friendly for users on-the-go. It provides hight quality map rendering and smooth user experience. You can also customize the style to suit your branding need.

Support Accessible Wayfinding

Support dynamic multi-floor wayfinding by shortest path, or wheelchairs' that avoids obstacles like stairs and escalators.

Complex POI search

Support various search and filtering parameters to find the right POI effectively.​

Integrate with Your Data

Able to add markers, and annotation to integrate with external data.

Indoor Map
Indoor Positioning

3-5m Accuracy with Auto-Floor Detection

We use software algorithms to provide accurate and smooth indoor positioning experience by Wi-Fi fingerprinting technology and fuse with sensors data in the mobile phone.

No Additional Hardware Installation

We can leverage existing Wi-Fi from all sources, regardless of manufacturer, brand, model, as the input for location calculation.

Auto Calibration, Minimal Maintenance

Automatically captures and calibrate to enable indoor positioning by site survey. Allow us to skip all the hassle from traditional hardware-based solution, and reduce the time to enable indoor positioning from "months" to "days".

Cross Platform

Support on both iOS and Android platform.

360 Panoramic Experience for indoor

Providing an immersive virtual navigation of an enormous scale indoor space.

Truth Reference with Historical View

Fully capture the reality of the indoor environment, and we support the historical view to compare indoor space with different timeline.

Easy, Fast, and Low Cost

We do all heavy lifting geospatial reconstruction by our backend algorithm, hence making the capturing of the visual map efficient, effective, and low cost.

Integrate with Digital Map

The visual map is registered automatically and accurately on the global geographic system. Not only it can seamlessly display with our digital map, but also allow us to inspect and validate our indoor map data to make sure it is reflecting the reality.​

360 Visual Map
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