March 14, 2018


Smarter Life

We spend most of our time indoor everyday.  Convenience and accurate indoor location tracking is no doubt a crucial factor for smart living.

Mapxus provides state-of-the-art indoor map services in forms of map applications and IoT devices for enterprise and smartphone users. Imagine life could be so much easier with our indoor mapping solutions, which enhance operations efficiency for businesses, improve our daily lifestyles and offer the greatest convenience to solve our everyday problems. These include applications at private businesses, social services or government’s urban planning at large, such as healthcare equipment and services tracking, sales strategy and customer behavior analysis at shopping malls, assets protection at banking and finance industry, or digital map infrastructure for smart city, etc.

Find out more from the videos below:

1. Easier Way Finding With Indoor Map

2. Fast and Efficient Visual Map Production

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Integrating with positioning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and universal multi-sensing technology, including WiFi signal, Compass, GPS, Bluetooth, Accelerometer, Stepper, Gyroscope and Pressure sensors, is employed for tracking indoor location and enabling navigation in the applications.

Our INDOOR VISIBILITY SYSTEM (IVS) builds an unprecedented three-layer integrated indoor map comprising of digital map, signal map and 360o panoramic visual map. Our proprietary technology enables map production at an extremely low cost and industry-leading deployment rate, which contributes to creating a global indoor map ecosystem.

Location-based Data Analytics

  • Customer Flow Analytics and Control
  • Rent vs People Flow Evaluation
  • Customer Behavior Analysis

360-degree panoramic Visual Map

  • Visual Walkthrough
  • Feature-level Content Display

Multi-sensing Signal Map

  • Positioning
  • Location Sharing

Content-rich 2D Digital Map

  • Outdoor-to-Indoor Transition
  • Feature-Level Map Display
  • Point of Interest (POI) Directory / Searching
  • Way Finding


Cost Efficiency

  • NO extra infrastructural setup required
  • Easy, Fast and Convenient to collect map data

Global Scalability

  • Offers comprehensive city-based map solutions across the world
  • Industry’s leading deployment rate e.g. Creating indoor maps for a 90,000 sq.m. shopping mall in Hong Kong in a few weeks’ time

Smarter Experience

  • Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to enhance data accuracy and user experience
  • Boosts IoT industry development through multiple IoT applications such as wearables or other IoT devices