December 13, 2018

About us

Our Vision

To create a self-sustaining indoor mapping ecosystem that makes location-based information globally accessible and applicable.

Our Mission

To provide a decentralised indoor mapping platform that engages everyone to co-create their own smart life solutions.

Our Brand

Mapxus is composed of two elements – Map and Beehive (originates from the Latin name “Alvus”). It is based on an analogy that considers each single building as a cell of map and the collection of all buildings as a hive of maps. In real world, honeybees play different roles for their colony e.g. some gather nectars from flowers and some build the hive. Different kinds of honeybees collectively form a large distributed collaboration network to effectively produce honeys for various uses of their colony. That’s also the way Mapxus works with the communities, that is, each of us plays a role and together we produce map honeys for public use.

Also, we emphasize the “us” element in the name because it is a concerted effort from everyone in the world to co-create a smarter city through a range of indoor mapping technology solutions offered by Mapxus.

Our Products & Services

Mapxus is a thriving indoor map data and map service platform that provides state-of-the-art indoor map services for global applications. Our proprietary mapping engines build the industry-leading indoor visibility system (IVS) comprising of digital maps, 360° panoramic visual maps down to item levels and ambient multi-sensing signal maps that enable new era applications in forms of map services and IoT devices. These include applications at private businesses, social services or government’s urban planning at large, such as healthcare equipment and services tracking, sales strategy and customer behavior analysis at shopping malls, assets protection at banking and finance industry, digital map infrastructure for smart city, etc.

Our Awards

2018 Global IOT Contest & Congress – IOT Award (Gold Medal)

Left: 2018 Greater Bay Area Summit on IOT Application and Development Distinguished IOT RFID Application Product Award

Right: Hong Kong Retail Innovation Award 2018 Best Retail Startup Innovation (Product) Award – Gold Award


Our Team

Left: Team in Hong Kong Office

Right: Team in Foshan Office